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Terms and Conditions


The VIMART Website is open to anyone wishing to add, edit or delete their entries at any time at no cost. By registering and entering details you are warranting that the details you enter are accurate. This means that you accept that the details you enter, with the exception of your E-mail address and password, are in the public domain. Your E-mail address and password will never be revealed by VIMART but you are free to disclose your E-mail address if you wish to persons you wish to contact or who contact you. VIMART reserves the right to delete or edit any entries, which in its opinion are inaccurate, spurious or offensive.


Having registered, you may search the database by spending credits, which you have purchased. The credits spent cover the cost of searching the database and you are advised to enter as much detail as you know into the search to avoid finding spurious entries. VIMART does not make any claim that the result of your search will yield the person you are looking for.


Having searched the database if you wish to contact someone you may do so by spending credits that you have purchased. VIMART will send an E-mail to the last address known to VIMART of the person you wish to contact. VIMART cannot guarantee that the address is still valid and the recipient may choose to reply or not as he or she decides. VIMART will endeavour to remove the contact button if a person cannot be contacted.


Credits may be purchased and spent at the rate notified from time to time. These credits will remain valid for one year from the date of purchase. Currently VIMART has no intention to enforce this condition and, in any event will E-mail holders of any unused credits at least 30 days before their expiry.


In view of the small sums involved VIMART will not refund the purchase price of credits under any circumstances. Refunds of credits may be made at the sole discretion of VIMART if it is satisfied that the service purchased has not been provided.

Misuse of VIMART

VIMART will not permit the use of its website for any item which in its sole opinion is illegal, threatening, abusive, or obscene. VIMART reserves the right to remove any item from entries E-mails, news items, etc. that fall into these categories. While every effort will be made to enforce this VIMART cannot be responsible for any breech of the above. Please remember that all age groups may view this site. VIMART reserves the right to ban any User and cancel their credits if their behaviour is deemed inappropriate.

Changes to these terms and conditions

VIMART reserves the right to amend these conditions at any time. We will attempt to notify registered Users on their registered E-mail addresses of any significant changes.