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Who? We are Ian Martin and David Price. Ian is the founder of Vimart and is an Aberdonian who lives in North Wales although he spent most of his working life in England! Ian spent 24 years in the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy from 1964 to 1989 and now works as a contractor in the IT industry. If you want to see his past try searching the database! David is from Fordington in England and also lives in North Wales. David spent 12 years in the Royal Navy in the 60s and 70's and has recently retired from running his own printing company.

Why? The idea for the Vimart site came from Ian's frustration at trying to find a sensible way of finding friends from his past. As many Servicemen will be aware, the problem can be compounded by the fact that in many cases it's difficult to remember where people came from, what they might be doing now or even what their proper names were. Why Vimart? It's Ian's wife's (Val) and his initials plus part of their surname.

What? The web site uses a secure Microsoft SQL database to store your information and allows a search to be carried out with a minimum of information. Remember the information entered, with the exception of your registration details, always relates to your past.

Where? The site is hosted by VirtualASP and is running on a Windows 2003 server running dual Intel Xeon 2.4ghz CPUs located in a Redbus data centre in the Docklands, London.

When? The site has been running since May 2000. A redeveloped version has been running since May 2001. The site has now been rewritten by another ex-serviceman, Nick Ashton of VirtualASP and is now fully automated.

How? The site will only work if people enter their own information so please add as many entries as you like and encourage others to do likewise. If a relative/friend is unable to add their own information you may create entries for them under your own logon. e.g. Your Grandfather's war service, your mother's school details, etc.

....and finally. The site used to be Ian's hobby and he was happy to bear the cost and do all the work! Following a heart attack (he's better now!) and a realisation of his mortality he decided to involve David. They have decided to implement a small charge for the service provided in order to ensure the site has a future. It is their intention to make the site as fully automated at the lowest possible cost as they can. If you have any complaints, suggestions, questions, please let us know by using Contact us.